“Once we understand that spiritual life is about being who we are…


(exuberance at the beach–see it truly is in the air;)  )

“Once we understand that spiritual life is about being who we are in the kingdom of God, which is everywhere, then everywhere we walk is holy ground.  Mother Earth is blessed by our divine presence, and she is blessing us.  We never leave the spiritual world:  it is everywhere when we have spiritual vision and observe the sacredness of all of life.  We are never separated from our Beloved, who is always with us and loves us beyond measure.  God is everywhere, and we are like fish swimming in the ocean but not noticing the ocean because that is all there is.”  Terry Cole-Whittaker from “Live Your Bliss”

Numerous things I have read have said this same thing…that this love, these blessings, are all around us–and many continue on by saying that because we are not being still, we do not notice their tiny, subtle whispers.  For me it is intuitive guidance that whispers “it would behoove you to…”  It demands nothing.  It is always there.  It will always be there, just like the love and magic that surrounds us, but it is up to us to become aware of it and and look at our world with spiritual eyes and put our intention out to tap into it, honor it, and act on the information it gives us.



every child is an artist

photo-68I did this piece for homework for a calligraphy class where we were practicing doing monoline uncials.  I really like my teacher, but was disheartened when he –can I say hated? it, maybe that’s too strong.  *Really* did not like it.  Especially the large “E.”  I can see his point, but still.  Sigh…and I actually practiced every day– a few times every day– for the entire week.  Sort of ironic that the quote’s supposed to be inspiring us to keep that artistic side of us going as we get older and I hate to admit it but I considered for a second maybe I should just stop since I’m not getting any better.  But I like the piece I did, sure I need more practice (forever! apparently–my hand just seems to have a mind of its own, like when I’m drawing a straight line or tracing over penciled in letters and and my hand will just jolt out some weird direction).  I see some of my mistakes in the lettering, spacing, rhythm of the words, letters.

I don’t want to wait until everything is perfect (which will be never, let’s face it) before I let myself get in the game.  I’ve done that for way too long.   I admire those people who have the chutzpah to say “yeah, I can do that!” and have no idea how to do it.

So I’m going back to the joy(?!?) it brings me, admittedly no joy at this second, but joy there somewhere.  I know not everyone will like what I do and that’s okay.  I will try to accept that- -lol– and model that for my kids, who actually are my most important critics.  And, my kids, by the way, LOVE my piece.  🙂  And really, that’s all that matters.

Namaste and many blessings to you*** and get your crayons, markers, colored pencils out now and scribble and draw.  If not now, when?

P.S.  I don’t want to do a p.s. but to be fair(ish ;), my teacher’s point of view is that if he says that a piece is good now when it’s not, then what will he say when our work IS actually good.  Hmmm…good point and very true, but how do you get that beautiful mix of criticism and areas to work on along with areas improved all wrapped up in an inspiring sandwich of nibs and ink?  Because that is the only way for me to improve while skipping and singing along the (never-ending) path of improvement (and not re-living past miserable lives as a monk scribe by candlelight with my demanding superiors tsk-tsking me about my letter shape and spacing and out-of-the-box artistic vision–come to think of it, my teacher does seem very familiar…).

meditation “can increase the enzyme that replenishes telomeres, telomerase” which can keep the body from breaking down

Many people are discussing the benefits of meditation, including how it is beneficial to keeping the body healthy and that meditation is where you find God/Universal Spirit/Creator/Om.  I believe in meditation.  I believe it is the way.  That is where you discover and know who YOU are in that quiet still space and you take that YOU with you when you go out into the world –and start getting affected by everybody else’s energy (like the cashier who’s boss yelled at her, the couple who’s having an argument, etc.)  Just keep showing up–some days are blissful and some days the brain will not stop chattering away and it’s all fine.

Anyway, the book “Super Brain” by Deepak Chopra M.D. and Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D. (the Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School) is very informative and interesting and has this to say about meditation:

“It turns out that anti-aging is a gigantic feedback loop that lasts a lifetime…In 2010 an exciting joint study from the University California at Davis and UC San Francisco revealed that meditation leads to an increase in a crucial enzyme called telomerase.  At the end of every chromosome is a repetitive chemical structure called a telomere, which acts like the period at the end of a sentence–it closes off the chromosome’s DNA and helps to keep it intact.  In recent years the fraying of telomeres has been connected to the breakdown of the body as it ages.  Due to imperfect cell division, telomeres get shorter, and the risk emerges that stress will degrade a cell’s genetic code.  Having healthy telomeres seems to be important, and therefore it’s good news that meditation can increase the enzyme that replenishes telomeres, telomerase.

“This research sounds highly technical, mainly of interest to cell biologists,  But the UC study went a step further and showed that the psychological benefits of meditation are linked to telomerase.  High telomerase levels, which also seem to be supported by exercise and a healthy diet, are a part of a feedback loop that results, surprisingly enough, in a sense of personal well-being and the ability to cope with stress.  This one finding helps cement the most basic tenet of mind-body medicine:  that every cell is eavesdropping on the brain.  A kidney cell doesn’t think in words; it doesn’t say to itself, I’ve had a horrible day at work.  The stress is killing me.  But it is participating wordlessly in that thought.  Meditation brings a sense of well-being to the mind, while silently spreading the same feeling, via a chemical like telomerase, to your DNA.  Nothing is excluded from the feedback loop.

“The mind-body connection is real, and choices make a difference.  With those two facts in place, the anti-aging brain holds untold promise.” (p. 210)

it’s the perfect time to clutter clear and space clear my kitchen


(my crystals and corn maiden who will give me spiritual,mental, and emotional support and hold the space for me 🙂

I am clearing out everything (except the things I definitely use) out of the drawers and cabinets and pantry.  Umm…I’m already feeling overwhelmed.  But it’s time.  I’ve been waiting to do it for a while and now is the time.   I’m also going to set my intention and make up some affirmations to correlate with the feng shui position of my kitchen–my kitchen is in the “Helpful people/angels/friends/compassion/travel” section of my home.  Actually, that might actually explain a lot! 😉  I remember Peter Walsh saying to take everything out and put them in boxes and take out whatever you use and by the end of six months or whatever time you choose, you get rid of whatever is left in the box…except for things you always use at holiday time/birthdays, etc.

I am a huge fan of both Denise Linn (www.deniselinn.com and her books including “Soul Coaching” and “Sacred Space”) and Karen Kingston (www.spaceclearing.com and her book “Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui”)  I was just on Karen’s blog and it said to catch the New Year’s wave because the energy makes it easier to cut through the clutter and we also have a week before the new moon…so clutter clear through January 10, 2013 in time for the new moon on January 11, 2013 where the energy shifts again.