crocheting projects

I must say that I don’t have nearly the amount of crocheting projects as I do for knitting.  My daughter likes crocheting better than knitting so I should probably find some cool, fun projects for her too.  I’m going to keep adding to my list of projects:

Juanita Top

Blossom Kimono

Beachcomber Tunic

Summer Petals Cardigan

Rosemary Sweater

Beach Cover-up/Cardigan

Moss Fern Wrap

Spice Market Tunic

Moorish Mosaic Afghan

Leaf Pepper Hat-the red teen earflap hat

Pink Lady Scarf

Orchard Mitts

Crocheted Swirling Bag

Blue Ridge Cardigan

Bluebell Cardigan

Petal Pullover

Cupcake Sweater

Chamomile Cardigan

***I did make:

Meagan Wants You hat for my daughter-it came out really cute


websites I like


Frank Don  astrologer

Isha Lerner tarot card reader, you can pull a card online for free and both the pictures on the cards and the words are very beautiful and accurate

Ravelry knitting and crocheting website full of patterns and people and help and inspiration! It’s free and easy to sign up.

Denise Linn feng shui goddess among other things and she has a new blog with her daughter, Meadow, for their new book Mystic Chef (I can’t get it to link but if you google “mystic chef linn” the link comes up