detox of environmental toxins for men and women before pregnancy and detox also to lose weight?

This is for all of those men and women who are considering having a baby or know someone who is.  I don’t know much about this but Dr. Bonnie Nedrow (a naturopathic physician specializing in environmental medicine) and Dr. Rod Newton (a chiropractor) talk about all the toxins that we have been exposed to and how many of them remain in our body and get locked into the fatty tissue.  I know some people won’t believe this, but what if it’s true and what if every man and woman did an environmental detox on their bodies and homes before trying to conceive a baby, especially with autism and other issues.  I wonder if that would decrease the numbers.  (They have a book called The Seasonal Cleanse Workbook:  Mind-Body Detoxification for the 21st Century.)

They also discussed a picture that showed two mice who had been exposed to the same food, had the same genetic makeup, etc., but one had been exposed to a minuscule amount of environmental toxin.  That tiny amount made the mouse significantly fatter than the other one.  So, they were saying if many toxins are stored in fatty tissue and people try to lose weight and that releases the toxins, the toxins need to be flushed out of the body somehow because if they aren’t then the body does what it can to protect itself and puts the toxins back into the fatty tissue and people gain back the weight.


thoughts are things

Thoughts are things.  Thoughts are things and intention is everything.  Denise Linn told a story this week on her radio show on Hay House Radio about how years ago she was sitting talking with a woman who was very negative and Denise felt stuck in this bad feeling, negative environment where she felt like at first she couldn’t do anything to shift the energy.  But then Denise decided to visualize (set her intention to see) a large rose in between her and the woman who was being negative and use it as a positive filter in their communication exchange.  Then, in walks her young daughter who immediately says “Mama!  Look at the rose!  Look at the rose!” in her baby voice (so I think Denise said her daughter said something like, “Mama!  Wook at da wose!  Wook at da wose!”) and how her daughter could see what Denise was visualizing.

Years ago, I was talking casually to a someone about the colors they could see around people (the aura).  This person didn’t have anything to gain–I wasn’t paying them and their ego wasn’t involved.  I asked them what colors they saw around me and they told me.  Then I immediately and silently said a prayer that I read in a Sylvia Browne book, “Please surround me with the white light of the Holy Spirit.”  And to my amazement, this person immediately exclaimed in an incredulous voice, “Whoa!  That’s weird.  Everything’s turning all white.”  For me this was a simple huge moment in my life (and you can believe me or not).  I think everyone needs to accumulate their own amazing stories that quite frankly are often simple and quiet and under the disguise of  “hmm…isn’t that interesting” and very often dismissed as such.  Don’t dismiss them.  Write them down and keep them close to your heart and know that there is so much more out there in this wondrous world that most of us can’t see or understand yet.  Just remember that years ago people couldn’t see germs, but that didn’t mean they didn’t exist.


If we heal and honor ourselves, we can heal our relationships which in turn heal our families and keep them intact which inevitably heals our country and our world.  I know many people right now who are at a crossroads in their intimate relationships–I think it’s even astrological, energy-wise.  The past couple years have come to this:  you either get your relationship issues cleared up and out or they will be cleared out for you.  I know of and have heard of quite a few people divorcing in the past year or so and they have all been initiated by the woman; all for different reasons.  Maybe they felt that their true beauty, sweetness, amazing goddess-ness was not being relished and appreciated and their “undisclosed desires” in their hearts were not being satisfied, seen, acknowledged, or embraced.  There is a merging of the masculine and the feminine swirling around us at this time, maybe Muse can help.

Listen to Muse’s song “Undisclosed Desires.”  Maybe some of the phrases will speak to you.  “I know you’ve suffered, but I don’t want you to hide…I won’t let you be denied….Trust me you can be sure…I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart…Please me…Show me how it’s done….Trust me you are the one…”

Yes, I say yes to that!  And you can find me way back here behind the maze of veils and walls of protection holding a shield and a dagger but trust me my heart is wide open…yet I’m not quite sure how to show you how it’s done or even what exactly the “undisclosed desires in my heart”  are but I definitely know I’ll recognize them when I see them.  Perhaps it’s more of a feeling and that’s why the desires remain undisclosed in the heart.  We want our significant other to get through the relationship trials, tribulations, and obstacles and get to our very core and have the honor of drinking the very essence of our sacred being goddess heart/soul/one-mind/heal the world powerfulness that would shift things and quite possibly crack the foundation upon which we stand.

The time is now.  I don’t want to come to the end of my life and regret that I did not love enough.  Things are shifting and changing.  Change is good.  Stagnation brings illness (think mucky murky stagnant water).  And what if we listen to Caroline Myss who says, “Realize you are not leaving the familiar, the familiar is leaving you.”

tonight I sit in stillness

tonight I meditate…I sit in stillness

it’s different tonight

I feel the vibration from the middle of my  ears expanding up to the top of my head

and then I let go because I am holding on

let go again because my mind is clenching, trying to whipstitch my body mind emotions together   afraid to allow, melt, dissolve,  be…no not afraid, resistant

challenging a practice that has breathed in beauty and magic into my life, ethereal signs, ideas, visions, guidance

…and I let go once more…finally embracing the energy of stillness that surrounds me