this is what happens when I don’t pay attention to my 13-year-old daughter

absent-minded??  or in the writing flow!!


I have hardly been on “social media” at all…quite frankly it’s overwhelming to me, and my 13-year-old daughter has NOT been neglected–don’t listen to what she says.

So, I was writing a blog, which I hadn’t done for a while.  During this time, I’m not sure how, my daughter painted green nail polish over my pink toe nail polish…I know, what!!?!  I must have been writing a really good blog!!  you should probably read it ;)  and I didn’t even notice until she told me.  She couldn’t paint the last three nails on my left foot because I was sitting on them…and even now I’m writing this and she was painting my nails and I still didn’t notice…they definitely have many nice layers…red, pink, green, purple, yellow, at least that’s what I’m told.  Now, this is something I did to my husband –then boyfriend–in college…but in my defense, he did fall asleep on me.  So, the moral of the story is choose wisely what college stories you choose to share with your children and when you’re writing a blog always know what your 13-year-old daughter is doing.


mischievous stinker or evil genius?


choose a lane, like choose a lane and be happy with your choice because you chose it!

you might not even realize at first that you’ve chosen a path of joy!


I wish I had a photo of my toll booth dude but I don’t.

A couple days ago, my family and I were driving and came to a toll booth.  I chose a lane and then proceeded to watch the cars in the lane next to me fly by.  What?!  I knew it was hit and miss when you choose a lane with an RV but, you know, they count as like 3 cars!  So, I watched as the RV didn’t move and remained there and remained there, so I figured he wasn’t expecting the toll booth and didn’t have his money ready quickly.  And, then he was still there.  So, I figured, maybe he’s asking for directions….and then he was still there…what!!?  C’mon!  Let’s get going!  How did I choose the wrong line?  (–because we all know that’s not possible–there are no wrong choices.  So, fine. I’ll wait and be patient-umm-ish)  And each car slooooowly went through.

And then when the car in front of me pulled up, I could see this 20?-something-year-old dude with long black hair and gold chains rockin’ out!   “Oh!  I immediately thought, I choose joy!  I chose the joyful line!”  And when I got up next to him, I looked at him rockin’ out and said to him, “Right on!” and he put his fist out and I fist bumped him and exploded mine and started to drive forward, conscious of everyone waiting behind me…and he said “wait, one more time!” and put his fist out but I’d already started driving forward and I said, “sorry!”—so here’s a fist bump for you, happy dude!  And “Thanks!”



***magical baby socks!***

***magical baby socks***



baby socks for baby bingo :)  (sorry daniella, i had to say it ’cause it’s just so dang cute but not as cute as your baby will be!)  (the pattern is by bianca boonstra off ravelry–i used a #2 needle though and i’m glad they’re not tiny so she won’t immediately outgrow them and the yarn is from dragonfly fibers dragon sock—love this yarn, love)

lots of love and blessings to you!***

Get ready to get your bliss on with free meditations!

Deepak Chopra and Oprah have another *FREE* 21-day meditation series starting March 16, 2015.  Umm…how could you not want to participate in a free meditation series called “Manifesting True Success”?!?  Consider signing up even if you only do a few of them.  And if you are reading this after the 16th, you can usually still sign up for a few days after so give it a try.  (There’s even an example of a whole 21-minute meditation from a previous series when you go to sign up that you can listen to right now.)

“The only bad meditation is the one you didn’t do.” (I can’t remember who said this)

Namaste and many blissful meditation blessings to you!***

“Always be yourself. Unless…

IMG_0199 (***click on the picture to make it bigger)

“Always be yourself.  Unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn.”

This quote just always makes me smile and laugh…over and over! I first saw this quote on someone’s avatar on Ravelry, but I can’t remember who it was.  It’s also online.  So, in desperate need of inspiration and motivation for my calligraphy homework, I decided to match the quote with clipart I found online to inspire me. I didn’t practice enough (because I was at a yarn extravaganza!) so my broad pen nib writing of “unicorn” suffered and in order to cover it up, I added dots and colored pencils which ended up being a happy surprise because I wouldn’t have done it if I had loved it originally. Namaste and many unicorn blessings!***  (I so wanted to write “unicron” :) )

process painting or improv painting





so fun!  I just took a class from an amazing teacher last week.  I had taken classes from her before years ago but she hadn’t offered any classes for a while, so when she did, I jumped at the opportunity.  It’s a style of painting called “improv painting” or “process painting” which allows you to just pick a color and paint without planning ahead what you want to do–no judgment, just paint.  I loved when the teacher said that we were supposed to focus on where our paintbrush touched the paper because that was where the creative process was and when you think you’re done with a painting you ask yourself, if I had one more stroke to do on this painting what would I do and where would I put it and then do it and you don’t stop painting you just keep putting paint on–no thinking or pondering.  It’s based on a book called “Life, Paint, and Passion:  Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression” by Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley.  The first and most colorful painting I spent almost all of the time on and the second painting I spent what time I had left.  Fun, colorful, whimsical!!


ok, so I’ve started doing a 40-day kundalini yoga practice…

Ok, so I’ve started a 40-day kundalini yoga practice which is breathwork, chanting, singing, movement and this one class dvd I’m doing has a 24-minute free dance part where I am instructed to close my eyes and not dance “pretty” but rather very free and chaotic and work up a sweat.  I’m paraphrasing here.

So, I’m in my house and feel very self-conscious even though my family is not at home.  And I still move away from the windows and doors so that the neighbors can’t see me and the windows and doors are all shut tight so that no one “out there” can hear me chanting, singing, and free dancing.

I start tentatively  dancing thinking am I doing this right?  And, of course, I have to open my eyes and peek at the dvd to see what everyone else is doing for their “non-pretty” dance and as I watch them I think, wow, how can they be so free and brave and letting loose?!

I think to myself, I can do this..and I start rockin’ out not-so-pretty and then I start to laugh and laugh and then I am choking on my own laughter because I am pretty sure I am dancing the African Anteater Ritual dance!!!

Do you remember Patrick Dempsey’s character “Ronald” in the movie “Can’t Buy Me Love” where Ronald is turning from nerd to cool kid and needs to learn how to dance before he goes with a girl to a school dance.  Ronald yells at his little brother to change the tv channel so he (Ronald) can watch American Bandstand in order to learn how to dance, so his brother changes the channel and leaves the room while Ronald learns the moves.  As his brother comes back into the room, Ronald leaves quickly, and the host (who is not Dick Clark!) announces the names of the dancers and the dance they just performed as the African Anteater Ritual for the PBS African Cultural Hour.  (I tried to link a video to youtube, but it won’t go, so if you’re interested google “youtube can’t buy me love movie african anteater ritual” and go to the AARitual link by rrebel94 it has a picture of a tv.)

and then Ronald goes to the school dance and this is what happens…

Yeah, that’s what I looked like ;)  and had to continue for tweeenty-fooour minutes!  That was a very long 24 minutes.  But a very long JOYFUL 24 minutes :)

(I’m sorry the resolution is not very good.  I’ve re-started it before and sometimes it helps it be a little clearer.)

Here’s to more freedom and non-pretty dances with chortles of laughter keeping your radiant light inside you and illuminating your life!

Namaste and many blessings***