***magical baby socks!***

***magical baby socks***



baby socks for baby bingo 🙂  (sorry daniella, i had to say it ’cause it’s just so dang cute but not as cute as your baby will be!)  (the pattern is by bianca boonstra off ravelry–i used a #2 needle though and i’m glad they’re not tiny so she won’t immediately outgrow them and the yarn is from dragonfly fibers dragon sock—love this yarn, love)

lots of love and blessings to you!***


knitting projects

I have too many projects I want to do!  Can you have too many knitting projects, patterns, yarn?  I think I’ll just have to add and delete things on this page as I go.  I’d like to use up all my stash before I get too tired of it, I already sort of am tired of what I have, and with new yarn always coming out I’ll have to follow organizer Peter Walsh’s method of limits–if my limit is 3 bins, some yarn will have to go–nooooooooo!

So, in no particular order here are the pattern  I can remember and find lol:)   I like many but am going to pick out the patterns that are jumping out at me the most to knit (and I have more in my queue in Ravelry! but those are more like, hmm…that’s interesting maybe I should put it in my queue in case I can’t find it again)  I think it’s time to follow my advice I give my mom, stop looking and perusing and start knitting more.  You can find me on Ravelry as 333dragonfly.  Happy knitting!  🙂

Right now I am knitting Ninebark Cowl from Knitscene Winter/Spring 2010.  I also like the Paradise Beach Cover Up.

From Knitscene Spring 2012

Roxborough Dolman

Seberg Sweater (but definitely in a different color)

Diamond Tee

Brindle Pullover

Hester Pullover (not on Ravelry yet but it’s the one on the cover of Knitscene Spring 2012)

From Custom Knits 2 by Wendy Bernard (there are more I like but will probably not knit first, but I never know what I’m going to be inspired to do or what yarn I’ll find so I’ll just put these first)


Bijou with slim pants and boots and maybe a belt

Pebbles for my son and husband

Eyelet Cardigan

Satsuma Bolero


Lemon Drop Hat

And from the first Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard

Karma Tank



Skinny Empire

I also have some Louisa Harding (Happiness, Distraction, Float, Whimsy, and Thoughtful)  books, other magazines, other books, and a three-ring binder full of patterns.  I’m beginning to think I have a problem lol:), it could be worse, it’s clean, fairly organized, doesn’t take toooo much time away from my family and quite frankly there are worse things.

I made Nette from Coco Knits for my mom for Christmas and after I got used to the think thick yarn I really liked it and it came out well.   I shortened the sleeves a little.   I think it’s a pretty flattering pattern for most people and it was easy to follow and I would knit it again.  I also like Cortland, Sofia, Everyday Wrap, Fleeced Boots, Liesl, and Gretel (love the Sound Of Music).

Berkshire Dolman Sweater

Rope Cowl

Cupcakes–soo cute!

websites I like


Frank Don  astrologer

Isha Lerner tarot card reader, you can pull a card online for free and both the pictures on the cards and the words are very beautiful and accurate

Ravelry knitting and crocheting website full of patterns and people and help and inspiration! It’s free and easy to sign up.

Denise Linn feng shui goddess among other things and she has a new blog with her daughter, Meadow, for their new book Mystic Chef (I can’t get it to link but if you google “mystic chef linn” the link comes up