“If you don’t ask…

“If you don’t ask, it’s always a “No.”  –Shya and Ariel Kane

“Failure is not trying.”  –Sara Blakely


“The only thing that repairs a broken heart…


(I took these photos of “Eros et Psyche” last summer at the Louvre in Paris, France.  Can’t you feel that loving gaze and embrace!  We all have that love, that beautiful Divine love and light, deep at the center of our being.  See, they even knew way back when that there are angels and we are never alone.)

“The only thing that repairs a broken heart is to keep loving.”

–Caroline Myss

we are so lucky!! another free Oprah-Deepak Chopra meditation 21-day course!!

We are so lucky and blessed 🙂  Oprah and Deepak Chopra are offering another FREE 21-day meditation course.  It is starting March 11, 2013.  The course is called “Perfect Health.”  Please take advantage of this.  It’s free.  It’s simple to sign up just go to  www.oprah.com/deepakchopra and enter your email address and a password.  I am not affiliated with them, but the courses I have done have been  quick, short, effective, and relaxing.  After the last course offered, I bought the 21-day meditation challenge CD sets of “Mind-Body Odyssey,” “Creating Abundance,” and “Free to Love.”  I love all of them (and they were on sale:).

The short blasts of a little bit of talking/inspirational messages and them a short beautiful time of music is perfect for introducing you to meditation–I am using it for my teenage son so that he has some resources for dealing with stress so that it becomes second nature to go immediately to some mantras or breathing when he starts to feel stress in his life.  I have been meditating for many years and I also LOVE these courses.  LOVE them.  Love.


Namaste and many blessings***

p.s.  using stereo headphones really makes a HUGE difference!!

Oprah’s OWN has a new Jonas Elrod movie at noon (PST) after Super Soul Sunday

Jonas Elrod’s movie “Wake Up” was shown on OWN I believe last year.  My son and I actually saw it first when Elrod was traveling around and showing it in different cities when it first came out and I was surprised to see it on OWN and his interview with Oprah.  Too cool!  Anyway, Elrod was a camerman and had an experience that “woke him up” to the energies around us and he could see things that most could not see.  Now he has a movie called “In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod” which will be showing at noon (PST) or in 40 minutes if you’re in the East.  They might even be showing it on www.oprah.com.  When I went there something was showing on Super Soul Sunday about the book club 2.0 choice The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis and then there was a commercial for Elrod’s movie.  I think that you can watch the end of Super Soul Sunday for the last half and then it will go into Elrod’s movie–too cool!!   Go now! lol

Healing Insomnia–what if you’ve tried everything and the last piece to your puzzle is slight food sensitivities

I have had many many sleepless nights, and some health problems and done cleanses and am at a point where I am pretty tuned in to my body (not always, but for the most part lol).  I have noticed this before and am noticing again right now after waking up tonight- that my tongue is just slightly bigger–i.e. swollen ever so slightly– apparently from, I believe, some ingredient-preservative? who knows- from the bottle of prepared teriyaki sauce that I put on some rice noodles.

Some slight food or preservative allergy might be affecting you too–making your tongue just that slight bit bigger and blocking your airway and you think you are having other medical problems when it’s just that slight bit bigger of a tongue, slightly swollen from a food sensitivity, is blocking your airway and you’re waking up and thinking what is wrong with you?! why can’t you sleep (insert desired cuss word),  your brain won’t stop chattering away, you’re too hot/cold, you’re worrying about something/someone, the dog/cat/child must have made you wake up when really you couldn’t breathe very well with your tongue obstructing your airway and your brain signaled your body it was in distress and you weren’t getting enough air.  No, you are not crazy because you have tried everything and still cannot sleep.  Maybe consider trying a cleanse.

Caroline Sutherland offers one that I’ve done a couple times and I like it (www.carolinesutherland.com).  I believe she offers them three or so times a year, in the spring, in the fall, and January.  Also I’ve done a Mediclear cleanse (made by Thorne, www.thorne.com) which I liked for me.  I bought it from my acupuncturist who had done it and I trust her.  I put the Mediclear powder into frozen fruit smoothies.  Just try a couple different cleanse programs that work for you and of course consult your doctor if you need to for your specific health concerns.   Or just take out all prepared foods from your diet and buy whole foods for a while even if it is just for a few days or a week and see if that has any effect on you.  Journal about how you’re sleeping, what you’re eating.  Do not have any caffeine and yes, some ice creams have chocolate pieces in them that can affect your sleep.  I’ve experimented!

Until tomorrow, just relax, don’t stress about not sleeping and put in your favorite meditation cd or ocean noises and relax into your night    and just connect to God/Creator/Spirit/Universe or Love or whatever you believe in and know to be True and enjoy that connection.  Tomorrow is a new day.  It is in your hands.  And it will be a great one! 🙂