“Once we understand that spiritual life is about being who we are…


(exuberance at the beach–see it truly is in the air;)  )

“Once we understand that spiritual life is about being who we are in the kingdom of God, which is everywhere, then everywhere we walk is holy ground.  Mother Earth is blessed by our divine presence, and she is blessing us.  We never leave the spiritual world:  it is everywhere when we have spiritual vision and observe the sacredness of all of life.  We are never separated from our Beloved, who is always with us and loves us beyond measure.  God is everywhere, and we are like fish swimming in the ocean but not noticing the ocean because that is all there is.”  Terry Cole-Whittaker from “Live Your Bliss”

Numerous things I have read have said this same thing…that this love, these blessings, are all around us–and many continue on by saying that because we are not being still, we do not notice their tiny, subtle whispers.  For me it is intuitive guidance that whispers “it would behoove you to…”  It demands nothing.  It is always there.  It will always be there, just like the love and magic that surrounds us, but it is up to us to become aware of it and and look at our world with spiritual eyes and put our intention out to tap into it, honor it, and act on the information it gives us.



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