“Hidden Food Allergies (may be causing weight gain, fatigue, etc.) and Dr. Mark Hyman and his new book “The UltraSimple Diet” (basically an elimination diet) and help for insomnia on Dr.Oz

Very interesting in this episode of Dr. Oz–how food allergies/sensitivities are being discussed more and becoming more widely accepted.  And how some of the symptoms, like brain-fog, congestion, weight gain, fatigue, skin rash, food cravings, joint aches, tired, anxious, irritable, and especially those who have FLC symdrome (“Feels Like Crap” syndrome) come across as more mysterious and not directly linked to a reaction to a food.  There’s a pdf for you to print on the basic 5-day elimination diet.

There’s also a segment on three different types of insomnia–the “pink noise” is like rain sounds.   It basically sounds like my Centerpointe CDs but the CDs have some gongs, etc, but that’s what I have listened to for the past few years when I couldn’t sleep–I sometimes fall asleep while listening and other times I don’t so those times I just consider more of a meditation.

Dr. Oz mentioned too that increasing your zinc level could increase your testosterone levels which would decrease (!) your anger.  I recently found a slip of paper while clearing out clutter where I had written that zinc could help with getting rid of pimples.


Deepak and Oprah’s FREE meditation challenge starts today 11/11/2013–sign up now!!

it’s easy to sign up, they are beautiful meditations, they are FREE!!!  🙂  Have your teenagers do them!!!  The theme is DESIRE & DESTINY—what more do you want in your life!

Curry-Lime Pork & Lemony Kale Salad & Raw Beet Slaw with Fennel, Tart Apple, and Parsley

I recently made Sunny Anderson’s  “Curry-Lime Pork Kebabs” recipe.  But I made a pork loin instead of kebabs, so I don’t know how long we cooked it–my husband BBQ’d it in a Traeger BBQ (which we love!)–so whatever the thermometer is supposed to show for a cooked temperature.  It was very good!


(sorry about photo quality, computer issues or maybe the real problem is human issues 😉

I served the pork loin one night with “Raw Beet Slaw with Fennel, Tart Apple, and Parsley” and one night with Lisa Oz’s “Lemony Kale Salad” (without the hemp seeds) and some slices of avocado.  Every time delicious!!!


I needed a little more joy and laughter in my life, especially this last month

and guess where I found it–I found it watching The Big Bang Theory!  Who knew!  My mother-in-law has asked me before if I watch it and I had only watched a few snippets here and there.  But then one night I was knitting and flipping around and there were a few episodes in a row.  And there I sat knitting and laughing and laughing so hard I think I cleared any energy blocks from the inside out!  They say that laughter is healing…

My teenage son likes the show too and it’s one thing that draws him away from the computer willingly lol.  (yes, I am in a dance with technology trying to balance it).  I recently went on a beautiful retreat with a couple of my girlfriends (where we had no access to technology by the way 😉 and I actually didn’t notice it) and I was trying to tell them about this episode I had just watched of The Big Bang Theory and I couldn’t stop laughing because I kept seeing the show running in my mind.  Maybe it’s funnier in my memory–probably true, but still, I wanted to share it with them (especially the  second part where Sheldon and Penny spin and get dizzy and then do math).  So Bratty Pants and Princess Pants this one is for you–I feel the laughter, even if it’s only my own!  🙂

Maybe you need to see the whole episode or have an understanding of who the characters are but here you go

first 🙂

second  :0)

Namaste and many blessings***   May you find joy and magic around every corner!