look what I found!! I didn’t know these existed and I already bought a BUNCH

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I love love zentangles! love :)

I was introduced to zentangles this past year and they are so fun and interesting and amazing to do.  I haven’t done that many, but I love them!  If you google “zentangle” you can get more information about how to do them or get some inspiration.  “Many hands make light work” is a saying that Denise Linn often stated during Soul Coaching® . My zentangle envelope (above) was partly inspired by a trip to France.  The snowflake was part of a calligraphy class on Frakture where we were supposed to incorporate a snowflake into our design.

I was listening to kris carr (author of “crazy sexy cancer”)

I was listening to Kris Carr, author of the book “Crazy, Sexy, Cancer,” on www.hayhouseradio.com and she mentioned The Hippocrates Institute in Florida.  I’d heard of it a few years ago but checked out their website again.  It has A LOT of articles on a whole range of topics.  I was only looking briefly and will go back to find out more about it.  There was an article on Toxic Beauty and how our beauty products, creams, soaps, etc. aren’t regulated and are most likely adding more toxins to our bodies www.hippocratesinst.org/2012-06/toxic-beauty and another on caffeine allergy or mental illness www.hippocatesinst.org/2012-09/mental-illness-or-caffeine-allergy about caffeine and it’s effects, even from green tea, etc.

hurry and sign up for Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s free 21-day meditation challenge…

Hurry and sign up for Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21-day meditation challenge.  It’s free and quick and super easy to sign up and it’s on Day 6.  It’s actually quite nice and will be available for sale later on, but do it now so you can be in resonance with thousands of people and it’s free!  www.chopra.com

Update:  12/06/2012

I actually ended up ordering the 21-day creating abundance meditation challenge.  I believe it’s on sale until January 15 or so and it’s also back-ordered for the CD’s.  I had my teenage son meditating to some of them.  They are done in such a wonderful and accessible way.  Even one of my friends just told me today that she was happy I’d emailed her about the meditation challenge and though she hadn’t done all of them, she’d really liked them.  She told her husband to get the CD’s for her for a Christmas present.  If you go to www.chopra.com and go to the “Store” tab and then to the “Music and Videos” tab and then go to “Guided Meditations” you will find the 21-day creating abundance challenge and others and you can click on the “Listen Here” button to hear a brief snippet of some of it and see if it resonates with you.