Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England


(all photos by the lotus seed journals)

the two circles that overlap are called the Vesica Piscis which represents “the union of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, conscious and unconscious, masculine and feminine.  The term Vesica Piscis translates as ‘Vessel of Fish’ and is associated with the early symbol of the fish in Christianity.  Imagine the Vesica as the gateway to the source.  Contemplate it and go on a journey from the world of matter into the world of spirit and return bringing the spirit into the material world.”  (off sticker from

Ahhh, the Chalice Well, think Glastonbury, magical, mystical, the mists of Avalon, King Arthur, healing waters, etc…






*The following is from a card freely distributed at the Chalice Well:

“The Glastonbury Moment

Spirit of All Life, Mother and Father of us all, look with loving kindness on this community of Glastonbury and Avalon.

Bless all beings here with love, compassion and growing consciousness.

Help us to be good neighbours as we build a safe, creative and prosperous town in which all children are cared for and all people supported in their growth and fulfillment.

Inspire us to care for our sacred landscape so as to benefit the natural world and our children’s children for generations to come.

Help us to be mindful and caring towards our many visitors and pilgrims, honouring their diverse paths and faiths, as we honour and celebrate the diversity of belief among ourselves.

We pray for peace and justice at home and all across the world.

Blessed be.  Amen.  Om.”



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