it’s not about midlife crisis…


(Jeff on the television show “Survivor-Second Chance Cambodia”)

I loved Jeff’s (a participant on the tv show Survivor) quote on Survivor this week after he related that he’d be turning 50 next year –he stated, “…it’s not about a midlife crisis; it’s about a midlife quest.”  A quest–awesome!  (and then right after that he exclaimed “something just bit my ass!”)  I guess some quests start off a little rockier than others…quest on Jeff!

Namaste and many blessings!***


it’s alway important to travel and see how others live…I mean in Scotland…

what….really, whisky soup!??…and this entire time I’ve been eating minestrone and chicken and rice soup.  Thank you Scotland.  Thank you for opening my eyes to new soup options!  I didn’t realize how much I was limiting myself.  I will immediately be expanding my soup options.  😉


very beautiful in Scotland with many beautiful souls (who apparently drink whisky soup hehehe)

namaste and many blessings***