family game night–with Ruby


Playing the game “Hedbanz” with the family…I’m pretty sure she’s not going to get this one! ¬†ūüėČ


calligraphy zentangle Christmas/holiday tag


Calligraphy zentangle Christmas/holiday tag homework, but I think I’m going to frame them instead.

Blessings and sparkles of joy!***

every place is under the stars, every place is the center of the world


(hanging out with the fairies***)

“The lesson which life repeats and constantly enforces is “look under foot.” ¬†You are always nearer the divine and the true sources of your power than you think. ¬†The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. ¬†The great opportunity is where you are. ¬†Do not despise your own place and hour. ¬†Every place is under the stars, every place is the center of the world.” ¬† ¬†–John Burroughs

as Denise Linn loves to remind us–your life is happening right now, not when you graduate, not when you get married, not when you have kids, not when you start a career or your kids are grown….now.

It’s all happening right now. ¬†You are the one you’ve been waiting for and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. ¬†Exactly. ¬†Timing Is Everything.

So embrace where you are.

Feel your heart chakra opening and radiating out all of that love and deep inner light residing inside of you (it is there even if you don’t feel it!) and let the waves of that pure essence of You reverberate in and out of you again and again and go put on some stereo headphones and (mildly?!) crank up my favorite Snatam Kaur song (The Mul Mantra–Inner Truth (off of the album called The Light of Naam–there are other songs called Mul Mantra that she sings but the one I *love* is off of this specific album. ¬†It just feels like *sacred joyful glowing splendor*)–as a side note, this song is strangely ethereal in the wee morning dark hours curled up and cozied with a cup of tea before anyone else is stirring.

Namaste and many blessings to you where you are***

this is what happens when I don’t pay attention to my 13-year-old daughter

absent-minded??  or in the writing flow!!


I have hardly been on “social media” at all…quite frankly it’s overwhelming to me, and my 13-year-old daughter has NOT been neglected–don’t listen to what she says.

So, I was writing a blog, which I hadn’t done for a while. ¬†During this time, I’m not sure how, my daughter painted green nail polish over my pink toe nail polish…I know, what!!?! ¬†I must have been writing a really good blog!! ¬†you should probably read it ūüėČ ¬†and I didn’t even notice until she told me. ¬†She couldn’t paint the last three nails on my left foot because I was sitting on them…and even now I’m writing this and she was painting my nails and I still didn’t notice…they definitely have many nice layers…red, pink, green, purple, yellow, at least that’s what I’m told. ¬†Now, this is something I did to my husband –then boyfriend–in college…but in my defense, he did fall asleep on me. ¬†So, the moral of the story is choose wisely what college stories you choose to share with your children and when you’re writing a blog always know what your 13-year-old daughter is doing.


mischievous stinker or evil genius?


***magical baby socks!***

***magical baby socks***



baby socks for baby bingo ūüôā ¬†(sorry daniella, i had to say it ’cause it’s just so dang cute but not as cute as your baby will be!) ¬†(the pattern is by bianca boonstra off ravelry–i used a #2 needle though and i’m glad they’re not tiny so she won’t immediately outgrow them and the yarn is from dragonfly fibers dragon sock—love this yarn, love)

lots of love and blessings to you!***

Dr. Harville Hendrix and Oprah discuss how if your are unhappy or frustrated in your marriage or relationship it could be a good thing(!)


In a repeat of an Oprah show from 2003 shown on The Best of the Oprah Show, Dr. Harville Hendrix (author of Getting the Love You Want) and Oprah discussed how if you are unhappy or frustrated in your marriage or your relationship, that it could be a good sign because it means that growth is trying to happen (but it sure doesn’t feel that way!). ¬† All frustration (chronic repetitive frustration such as “you’re always late, you’re never there, you don’t pay enough attention to me”) is rooted in unfinished business in childhood and also defenses that were developed in childhood. ¬†What’s being expressed there is something that is rooted in a frustration in childhood of a parent who wasn’t available or wasn’t reliable so when you get married there’s an activation of those unfinished needs and so in marriage it’s going to come up.–Harville Hendrix

Oprah goes on to state, ¬†“…you then draw to yourself the partner who really brings up your greatest frustrations, and your other stuff too…”

“It’s almost like you have an unconscious sensor and you’re just wandering around searching the world and all of a sudden there’s that person who’s going to be just right to become your nightmare…because they’re going to invite you into those parts of you that didn’t grow in childhood and activate all those wounds that you had and all the unmet needs and all the defenses that you developed. ¬†They’ll start off of course being the person of your dreams but they become the person of your nightmare and you have to go through that stage before actually the dream is restored…Romance is really an anesthetic. ¬† When you fall in love it seems a part of our minds prevents us from seeing the negative traits of the people that we’re drawn to until we get bonded and then we get bonded to them and then it’s like the anesthetic wears off and you go ‘Oh my God! ¬†there’s that depression in my mother, the anger in my father, the perfection in my father or whatever.”– Dr. Harville Hendrix

Oprah adds, “And you say that unless you marry for money, you can’t marry the wrong person.”

Harville–“That’s right. ¬†If you fall in love, your unconscious is picking the right person. ¬†If you marry for money maybe that is the right thing for you but it won’t be a growth relationship.”

Oprah–“But, if you fall in love, you fall in love with a person who is there to help you heal yourself.”

Harville–“It seems ¬†that Nature has set it up that the romantic attraction experience is a way that we are drawn to the right person for our maximal personal healing and personal growth.”

Then they had couples go through a workshop based on Dr. Hendrix’s book “Getting the Love You Want,” for ex., how one husband connected major frustration and conflict in his marriage back to his childhood pain of strict parents and not being allowed to hang out with friends or try out for sports when he was eight-years-old. ¬†“Dr. Hendrix’s theory is that it always goes back to that, something that has happened in your past when you make that connection, you can then move forward and not still continue to repeat the cycle of your childhood.” ¬†So this man needed to feel independent because of his childhood. ¬†His wife was abandoned by her father as a young child and he felt she was too clingy. ¬†So, after working with Dr. Hendrix and Imago therapy they consciously understood each other better and why they were acting the way they were.

Harville–“Marriage is a healing process ¬†and when you think about it as a healing process it makes you a better person, makes you a better parent. ¬†Marriage then also becomes a means of healing the world, because every time you have a better person with more empathy, they become empathic for the world; their children grow up feeling empathic and whole and those children then will not engage in violence or experience depression….You’re marrying to heal each other’s childhood wounds, to grow into your wholeness, and to become a contributor to the transformation of society.”

Harville–“Validation is the essential to developing wholeness, healing, and empathy and intimacy and without that you can forget having the relationship because there’s only one person there (which is you since you are not validating your partner and are disregarding them and their experience)….There is no place in any intimate partnership, in any marriage, in any relationship, for criticism… Criticism is abusive (because it) makes the other person bad; you shame them, you make them feel guilty, you hurt them emotionally believing that if you hurt them enough they will become wonderful…The process is can we work to solve a problem so we can both live in the same environment and feel safe with each other….(if you criticize) a child enough he will grow up feeling perfectionistic or feeling depressed.”

Harville–“To me the most important thing to remember is to eliminate criticism, get negativity out of your relationship, replace it with dialogue so that you mirror them, you listen to your partner, begin to see their point of view, begin to experience their feelings empathically, that’s what we mean by connection, connection dissolves all problems.”

(***As a side note, astrologically you might also be going through the “mid-life crisis”. ¬†I think technically it is around early 40’s (40-44 or around there, it lasts for a few years) where you want to just get rid of whatever is not working, throwing the whole marriage away, the job, etc.–the whole “throw the baby out with the bath water,” so you might consider just allowing the emotions to come up and feeling them and releasing them and waiting for things to settle down before you make any big decisions regarding your life. ¬†Really take some time to go within and maybe make small shifts, baby steps to get things more in alignment with what you are needing and wanting. ¬†This is a time when clutter-clearing is especially helpful.)

Namaste and many blessings***

more info on the hpv vaccination controversy on tv show “Katie” yesterday

I have gotten mixed messages about the hpv vaccination, having heard stories with people saying they wished they hadn’t vaccinated their child because it resulted in death, strokes, severe illness and others saying they wished they had vaccinated and now it was too late because their child had contracted it. ¬†In Katie Couric’s show, she shows both sides (there are three video clips), which is nice and it always comes back to do your own research and what’s right for you and your children.

(Apparently some percentage of children under 11 (I think it was about 10% or so?) already have been exposed to hpv, which is passed skin to skin contact, and they don’t know if it’s from the parent, the bathtub, or some other innocent way. ¬† The vaccination also only lasts for about 5 years or so, not a lifetime. ¬†I believe the people on the show who had illness and death seemed to have some sort of reaction to the first dose of the hpv vaccination.)

Namaste and many blessings***

fun way to watch your kids grow and keep it as a memory (cute and fairly clutter-free!)

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. ¬†Let me learn from you, love you, savor you, bless you before you depart. ¬†Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.” — Mary Jean Irion

***Catch your kids growing and keep it as a treasure ūüôā ***


(Ladybug and Bee tape measures made by Lantern Moon)

Years ago after a few different attempts of paper and board-type ways of measuring my kids height and the paper and boards falling apart, or the papers getting ripped, etc., I decided to transfer my kids’ heights to a cute Lantern Moon tape measure–one for each of them with their names written on them–and of course, I continued marking their “growings” on the tape measure until they grew right out of it :), well, one so far and one close. ¬†(My tape measures go up to 5 feet). ¬†So easy to put away and use and fairly clutter-free!


*** grow little sweet ones


*** and grow your belief in magic and your wishes and dreams ***

new *FREE* Oprah and Deepak 21-day Miraculous Relationships meditation course

new Oprah and Deepak 21-day Miraculous Relationship meditation course starting August 5th, 2013!!

I’ve talked about it before and again and again so just do it–it’s free, quick to sign up, wonderfully put together, could be life-changing if you actually do it ūüėČ

p.s. use STEREO headphones!