ok, so I’ve started doing a 40-day kundalini yoga practice…

Ok, so I’ve started a 40-day kundalini yoga practice which is breathwork, chanting, singing, movement and this one class dvd I’m doing has a 24-minute free dance part where I am instructed to close my eyes and not dance “pretty” but rather very free and chaotic and work up a sweat.  I’m paraphrasing here.

So, I’m in my house and feel very self-conscious even though my family is not at home.  And I still move away from the windows and doors so that the neighbors can’t see me and the windows and doors are all shut tight so that no one “out there” can hear me chanting, singing, and free dancing.

I start tentatively  dancing thinking am I doing this right?  And, of course, I have to open my eyes and peek at the dvd to see what everyone else is doing for their “non-pretty” dance and as I watch them I think, wow, how can they be so free and brave and letting loose?!

I think to myself, I can do this..and I start rockin’ out not-so-pretty and then I start to laugh and laugh and then I am choking on my own laughter because I am pretty sure I am dancing the African Anteater Ritual dance!!!

Do you remember Patrick Dempsey’s character “Ronald” in the movie “Can’t Buy Me Love” where Ronald is turning from nerd to cool kid and needs to learn how to dance before he goes with a girl to a school dance.  Ronald yells at his little brother to change the tv channel so he (Ronald) can watch American Bandstand in order to learn how to dance, so his brother changes the channel and leaves the room while Ronald learns the moves.  As his brother comes back into the room, Ronald leaves quickly, and the host (who is not Dick Clark!) announces the names of the dancers and the dance they just performed as the African Anteater Ritual for the PBS African Cultural Hour.  (I tried to link a video to youtube, but it won’t go, so if you’re interested google “youtube can’t buy me love movie african anteater ritual” and go to the AARitual link by rrebel94 it has a picture of a tv.)

and then Ronald goes to the school dance and this is what happens…

Yeah, that’s what I looked like 😉  and had to continue for tweeenty-fooour minutes!  That was a very long 24 minutes.  But a very long JOYFUL 24 minutes 🙂

(I’m sorry the resolution is not very good.  I’ve re-started it before and sometimes it helps it be a little clearer.)

Here’s to more freedom and non-pretty dances with chortles of laughter keeping your radiant light inside you and illuminating your life!

Namaste and many blessings***