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(seen up in a tree)

I think to get unstuck, you have to change–i know, it will be okay–eventually…xo  yes, the universe loves you, it really, really, really does.

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painting magical rocks***


(Emma’s magical painted rock 🙂

My daughter had a friend over and they decided to paint rocks.  I didn’t see her friend’s rock but I did see Emma’s.  The result was colorful, enchanting, whimsical, and inspiring.

Now, I do creative projects, but my first thought after “Wow!  I love it!” was, “I would create that after a couple in-person workshops, an online course, perusing artist books and magazines and a youtube video or two 😉

Now I have to convince her to paint some big rocks for the fairies and my garden!***

❤ ***



you may not think that the world needs you, but it does


“You may not think that the world needs you,

but it does.

For you are unique,

like no one that has ever been before

or will come after.

No one can speak with your voice, say your piece,

smile your smile, or shine your light.

No one can take your place,

for it is yours alone to fill.

If you are not there to shine your light,

who knows how many travelers will lose

their way as they try to pass by

your empty place in the darkness?


(above quote found in Secrets to Lifelong Prosperity by Heidi Baer)


You are light.  You are love.  You are magic.  Now.

You have already begun.