it’s the perfect time to clutter clear and space clear my kitchen


(my crystals and corn maiden who will give me spiritual,mental, and emotional support and hold the space for me 🙂

I am clearing out everything (except the things I definitely use) out of the drawers and cabinets and pantry.  Umm…I’m already feeling overwhelmed.  But it’s time.  I’ve been waiting to do it for a while and now is the time.   I’m also going to set my intention and make up some affirmations to correlate with the feng shui position of my kitchen–my kitchen is in the “Helpful people/angels/friends/compassion/travel” section of my home.  Actually, that might actually explain a lot! 😉  I remember Peter Walsh saying to take everything out and put them in boxes and take out whatever you use and by the end of six months or whatever time you choose, you get rid of whatever is left in the box…except for things you always use at holiday time/birthdays, etc.

I am a huge fan of both Denise Linn ( and her books including “Soul Coaching” and “Sacred Space”) and Karen Kingston ( and her book “Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui”)  I was just on Karen’s blog and it said to catch the New Year’s wave because the energy makes it easier to cut through the clutter and we also have a week before the new moon…so clutter clear through January 10, 2013 in time for the new moon on January 11, 2013 where the energy shifts again.


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