make your baby’s clothes into a simple quilt

One of the best things I’ve done (and am still doing since I’m trying to finish my second child’s!) keepsake-wise for my kids is to make a simple quilt out of their baby clothes.  It made it easier for me to let go of the baby-baby stage (and get rid of the clutter of old outgrown clothes) by keeping those shirts and jammies that were favorites and/or worn for dyeing Easter eggs or worn on Christmas morning or in the picture with the first lost tooth.   A swim trunk even made it in along with fuzzy bear pockets from a jacket that my son would toddle off to the park and swing all day in.   I also included pieces of the baby blanket they came home in.

I made a 6″x 7″ template to trace and cut rectangles from the most sentimental clothes which made it easier to pass on the other clothes.  My quilt ended up having 6 rectangles across and 7 rectangles down when they were sewn together and had more odd-shaped  rectangles puzzle-pieced together.  (It ended up being 40″ x 61″.)  I let my kids pick out a fleecey fabric for the back and I bought some thin batting.  I can’t remember what type of batting because it was a few years back.  After the top part with the rectangles of clothes and jammies was sewn to the back fleecey part with the batting in the middle,  I used embroidery floss all over the quilt every 6 inches or so to hold the three sections of top, batting, and back fleecey fabric together.  Now you and your children have something special that you can use and cozy up to read a book together and the box of outgrown clothes is no longer taking up space in the closet making you sad and/or frustrated!

Update:  This summer 2011, I really focused and finished my daughter’s quilt.  I have cleared out all the extra clothes and feel happy and relieved that I finished!  The chair that was the holding area for all parts baby clothes keepsake quilt now can be sat in once again (unless the laundry is there:)!  Wait, let me bask in the glow of accomplishment before it’s on to the next project…their scrapbooks.  Hmmm…I think they will be involved in that one.