caramel coloring in food potential carcinogen discussed on Dr. Oz–even found in the “healthy options” and soy sauce!

Just wanted to share a quick note on our health!!–

On a recent episode of Dr. Oz, (Here!)—I cannot get it to go to the correct place (Never had that problem before –interesting…) so go to and search for the video from 1/24/2014 titled “Dangerous ingredients manufacturers don’t want you to know about.”   Dr. Oz discussed how caramel coloring in our food–sodas, maple syrups, soy sauce, beer, bread, and even the healthy sodas(!) may contain caramel coloring that is a potential carcinogen. It is only listed as “caramel coloring” in the ingredients but doesn’t tell you which caramel coloring is used.  I believe the one of concern they called “4MEI”  Also the levels of caramel coloring that foods contain differ oftentimes depending on where you live.  California passed a law limiting the levels but higher levels of this chemical was found to be higher in food/drinks in other parts of the country.

This episode also contained info regarding antibacterial soaps which contain Triclosan and how it is an endocrine disruptor, can weaken your heart muscle, and is contaminating our streams and water supply.  Triclosan is found in other antibacterial objects like those antibacterial cutting boards.