Could this supplement be a cure for–or at least put off getting–the common cold??!

***Please do your own research and talk to your own doctor, acupuncturist, or naturopath, etc. to see what supplements are right for you and your family depending on what other supplements and prescriptions you are taking, other health conditions, etc.  This is just my own personal path.

I have taken for a few  years with some success Airborne and a Chinese supplement called Gan Mao Ling right when I get that tickle in the back of my throat.  I’m not even sure what Gan Mao Ling is exactly.

This year, I had been surrounded by sick coughing people (lovely people but when they were making phlegmy cough noises I could feel my aura automatically shrink down, not even wanting my energy to mingle with theirs lest I catch their cold and still I hugged them and met them for coffee and tea because well, they are Lovely (capital “L”)).   A week before Thanksgiving, I had that tickle in the back of my throat and I thought “Uh-oh, I think I’m getting sick, wait am I?  Am I getting sick?  I can’t be getting sick, now’s not a good time, last week fine, or two weeks later than now, but not now!” … that I think about it,  what I thought was probably closer to “Oh, shit! I think I’m getting sick.”

My parents were going to be visiting and quite frankly I’ve been sick for too many Thanksgivings so I was refused to get sick.  Luckily I had an accupuncture appointment in a few days because my acupuncturist had reminded me of acupuncture being PREVENTATIVE–you know, you go when you feel good or okay and get a boost before you really feel sick and bad and have a longer way to go before you actually feel better.  She told me that she and her husband always take Yin Qiao when they first think that they are getting sick.  “What?!?” I practically yelled at her, “you’ve never told me about this in the past few years EVER?!?  Why are you holding out on me?!”  Apparently the subject never came up–I think I didn’t go during cold and flu season.  I was being preventative, just not super-preventative, call it selectively preventative, otherwise known as spring and fall 😉

She said that Yin Qiao (or I’ve seen it spelled Yin Chiao too, I think the formulas vary) is gentle and can be given to kids too.  I started taking a few tablets every few hours and I swear to God, Buddha, Creator, Beloved, Source Energy, and Divine Universe, that taking Yin Qiao was the only reason I did not get sick over Thanksgiving.  I never felt 100% but I felt pretty pretty darn good and I did still feel like I was fighting something…but so much better than if I became sick.  So here it is, almost a month later, and I’m still holding on.  Hmm…now I’m thinking stocking stuffers!   🙂

So, during this holiday season, see your acupuncturist, take your Yin Qiao, do your meditation, do your yoga or Nia or dancing or running for joy and exercise, go to sleep early(-ish), take some sugar, chocolate,wheat, gluten, corn, and other inflammatory foods out of your diet (I know easier said than done this time of year), take your Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, try to keep stress low, don’t worry (Remember “Worry is a misuse of imagination.”–Dan Zadra). Honor you body and don’t run it into the ground.

Happy Holidays!!!  And much Joy, Health, Love, Laughter and Abundance for this new year!!!

Namaste and many blessings to you***



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