Dr. Oz talks about how chicken that is raised in the U.S. and Canada and then sent to China to be processed into soups, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, etc. gets contaminated and less than 2% of food imported from China is inspected by the U.S.D.A.

And that processed contaminated chicken from China will not be labeled from China because it originates in the U.S. or Canada.  Because of this,  Dr. Oz (<–see here) states that restaurants and you will not know that the chicken nuggets, wings,etc you consume have come from China.

They also discuss on the show (which my parents actually told me about a few months earlier) that since 2007(!), 600 dogs and a few cats have died and thousands sickened from contaminated jerky treats from China.  and melamine in baby formula, arsenic in apple juice, etc…


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