more info on the hpv vaccination controversy on tv show “Katie” yesterday

I have gotten mixed messages about the hpv vaccination, having heard stories with people saying they wished they hadn’t vaccinated their child because it resulted in death, strokes, severe illness and others saying they wished they had vaccinated and now it was too late because their child had contracted it.  In Katie Couric’s show, she shows both sides (there are three video clips), which is nice and it always comes back to do your own research and what’s right for you and your children.

(Apparently some percentage of children under 11 (I think it was about 10% or so?) already have been exposed to hpv, which is passed skin to skin contact, and they don’t know if it’s from the parent, the bathtub, or some other innocent way.   The vaccination also only lasts for about 5 years or so, not a lifetime.  I believe the people on the show who had illness and death seemed to have some sort of reaction to the first dose of the hpv vaccination.)

Namaste and many blessings***


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