“Hidden Food Allergies (may be causing weight gain, fatigue, etc.) and Dr. Mark Hyman and his new book “The UltraSimple Diet” (basically an elimination diet) and help for insomnia on Dr.Oz

Very interesting in this episode of Dr. Oz–how food allergies/sensitivities are being discussed more and becoming more widely accepted.  And how some of the symptoms, like brain-fog, congestion, weight gain, fatigue, skin rash, food cravings, joint aches, tired, anxious, irritable, and especially those who have FLC symdrome (“Feels Like Crap” syndrome) come across as more mysterious and not directly linked to a reaction to a food.  There’s a pdf for you to print on the basic 5-day elimination diet.

There’s also a segment on three different types of insomnia–the “pink noise” is like rain sounds.   It basically sounds like my Centerpointe CDs but the CDs have some gongs, etc, but that’s what I have listened to for the past few years when I couldn’t sleep–I sometimes fall asleep while listening and other times I don’t so those times I just consider more of a meditation.

Dr. Oz mentioned too that increasing your zinc level could increase your testosterone levels which would decrease (!) your anger.  I recently found a slip of paper while clearing out clutter where I had written that zinc could help with getting rid of pimples.


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