sunscreens potentially dangerous for your health because of possibly being endocrine disruptors

On dr. oz last week, he had an episode that discussed how sunscreens might be dangerous for us because of all the chemicals in them.  I have wondered about this before (sunscreen and cosmetics…lipstick especially) and how those chemicals are endocrine disruptors and interfere with our hormones thus actually causing cancers.   It listed (Environmental Working Group) (you do not need to sign up to access it) for a list of safer sunscreens (and there’s also a list of safer cosmetics, etc. too). (for the episode on sunscreen)


2 thoughts on “sunscreens potentially dangerous for your health because of possibly being endocrine disruptors

  1. Leslie says:

    thanks for publicizing this — i’ve known about it for some time. the old school zinc oxide is a definitive cancer causer. a lot of stuff that is presented as “good for us” is NOT good for us, as i think we shall see more and more in coming times. i do believe our inner guidance is our best guide, and we can hold a product in our hand and ask our bodies or learn to muscle test and see if a particular product is good for US or not. there is a difference from person to person and time to time in a life….

    • the lotus seed journals says:

      I completely agree with you that we should use our own inner guidance because each person is a complex system and we can’t cookie cut people and that we should remember that some things that worked at one point for us won’t necessarily be what our bodies/minds/spirits need the next time. Definitely listen to your body leaning in toward the product, leaning away from it, becoming anxious or depressed or lethargic, becoming energetic and joyful and inspired—your body is always talking to you! 🙂 and unfortunately we are not always listening and taking action on behalf of it 😦

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