this week is cleanse week on dr. oz

today (4/30/2013) was Dr. Alejandro Junger talking about his 3-day cleanse and a few women who had followed it and how they felt better, slept better, had nicer skin and there were a couple women who have followed the program for 30+ days and their better health–one was suffering from autoimmune disorder diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis and on medication, etc. and has been off medication for 3 months now and lost 30 pounds.  Dr. Junger talks about leaky gut and healing the gut and how the gut is the second brain because “around the intestines is a huge nervous system, that there’s more neurons around the intestines than in the brain in your skull.”  Junger says, “Fixing the gut is the first thing–that’s where health and disease begin.”

and tomorrow is Deepak Chopra’s stress cleanse with meditation–in the commercial Doctor Oz states “Meditation causes brain cells to regrow.”  Regrow!!!

and there’s juicing on Thursday’s episode!  🙂  I am a huge fan of juicing.


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