“Every flower has its fairy…


(***I found a flower fairy wearing a yellow dress in a pansy in my garden 🙂

“Every flower has its fairy, every tree its spirit.”

“Every plant–every aspect of the natural world–has some spirit, some energy associated with it.  What we call the fairies and elves are just a small part of The Realm, but they are all Mother Earth’s children….They hold the key to many mysteries of life.  They stimulate intuition, creativity, and artistic energies.  They hold the secrets to the true healing powers of plants, stones, and all of Nature.”

“Sometimes in life it is more important to feel than to know.  By stirring some of those forgotten embers, by remembering what we felt and knew as a child, we rediscover the joys and mysteries of the world.  We open ourselves to the spirits of Nature and all her elements.  Remember that we can starve as much from a lack of wonder as we can from a lack of food.  Nature and all of her spirits keep the wonder in us alive.”

–Ted Andrews (Faerie Charms)


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