bless your mess***


(art by my daughter when she was about eight-years-old)

“We’re sort of like Aunt Clara on Bewitched (Aunt Clara is a clumsy witch on the tv show Bewitched)–incompetent.  Bless your mess…and you created it and if you manifested that, then you can change it.”

— from Creating your Heart’s Desire program with Sonia Choquette

Think of how much much more control we have over our lives when we honor, acknowledge, and take responsibility for what we have created and where we are in our lives…Maybe we don’t have control over everything but we had a part in creating it.  And if we can just do a little, subtle tweak here and there, then maybe that’s all we need to do in order to get onto a smoother track.  (I’m not talking about the heavy stuff in life–that’s what therapists are for.)

What about the piles of recipes, knitting/crocheting hobbies with yarns and patterns–patterns not only to last a  lifetime but hundreds of reincarnations! , art piles, paper piles, piles of books to read, tv shows to watch, movies on queue, etc….or is that just me lol;)  There, I’ve admitted it!  Good stress, fun stress, I’ll admit *distracting* stress.  More fun than other stuff stuff.  Stress I created and manifested.  Stress in a certain area that once acknowledged I can change and tweak so it works better in my life.

I dumped a whole large brown bag of recipes into the recycling a couple weeks ago.  I admit I felt a slight tinge of panic and what else was in there that I might need.  There was a shift in lightness, though.  And the interesting thing is that I ended up trying a new recipe that I never would have found and didn’t know was in there—which is the whole point of having all of these piles of recipes– having new, amazing recipes to try.

***The recipe was for a feta appetizer ***YUM!!! my kids ate it, it’s simple and delicious and you can serve it with regular cracker, or rice crackers or veggies, I even chopped up the leftovers and put it in my soup.  Delicious!!!   ok, I hate to admit this because I’m sort of organized, but I couldn’t find the recipe in my recipe book (?!?) but I did find it on the internet–thanks internet!

Try this!!!    ***Baked Feta (in the March 2012 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine)

Wow! from “bless this mess” to “baked feta”–it’s a winning combination and see you never know what effect clutter clearing will have on your life.  I recommend you clear out one pile of clutter and see where it affects your life…


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