use the energy of this time to clear out clutter


(stone pathway crossroads photo taken at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Fancisco)

Really, anytime is a good time to clear out clutter–mental/emotional/physical clutter, because when the time is right, you do it.  I used to do it when I could not stand it anymore and I would get a crazy irritated burst of energy that I would use to chuck things out of my life.  Good sometimes, bad sometimes.  In the past few years I’ve tried to notice that irritation building and gently (or at least not so rabidly) peel things out of my life here and there.  The best thing to do is to monitor the things and not let them into your precious sacred space and your sanctuary.  I remember years ago people were handing out free books and I said “No thank you.”  And they said “But it’s free!”  And I said “Thank you, but no thank you” and continued on my way thinking “It’s not free.  I don’t want it and it will just be taking up space and sucking up energy, so it’s a detriment to me.”

I’m sure you’ve heard about the end of the world coming on 12/21/2012 and from what I’ve heard and choose to believe is that it is the end of the old way of thinking which is now allowing a new consciousness and a new light and way of being into the world.  So, what better time than to rearrange some furniture and clear out old journals and poetry.  For the past few months, I have been lighting a candle and taking one second to go within and focus on my intention and then started ripping up, composting, recycling, and even burning pages of dream journals, regular journals, poetry (gasp! that I never thought I would have done!  I’m a poet–it’s who I am at my essence!).  I would skim over the pages and decide most of them were gone and would keep some of them.  All with the intention that “I am letting go of all of the negative energy and sending it all up to Source energy to turn it into healing energy for me and all involved.  I am clearing everything out in order to bring in more joy, love, health, and support into my life and to live an even more authentic life to who I am and who I want to be and who the Universe wants me to be.  All in Divine Order.  All in Divine Love.  For the greatest good of all involved.  So be it and so it is.  Amen”

I cleared out a whole bunch of books and I told my teenage son that I realize he’s gone through his books fairly recently but to just a quick look through his and see if there were any he didn’t want anymore.  Imagine my surprise when he got rid of many many books and then continued to go through his entire closet and the his entire room!  When he told me he was going to keep going through his entire room, I told him to just keep the feeling of how he wanted to feel in his room and the rest of his life.  I know my family is very sensitive to all things in our space and I do believe that everyone is, they just aren’t conscious about it–this sensitivity expresses itself as crankiness, anger, irritation, feeling overwhelmed, especially at this time of year because all of the extra holiday stuff comes in to an already busy and full life and home.

My son had an appointment with an energy worker that I trust a few days after this.  What was interesting was that she looked at us and was like what is going on here with you two!  My son and I felt great but apparently there was some reverberations in our energy field.  We said nothing we feel good, everything is good, but she gave us this ‘I don’t believe you’ look.  We had forgotten about clearing everything out and hadn’t mentioned it.  It makes sense though because as we were clearing things out, old memories, both good and bad, emerged to be reviewed and purged. I saw her a couple days later and mentioned the clearing our of journals, etc. my son and I had done.  She asked me if I could just toss the journals without looking at them.  And I said “No, because there might be some pages I want to keep.”  She looked at me and said something like “Can you just trust that the memories are in your cells?”  So, I said I would try, but I didn’t want to.  For me that is not the way.  Believe me I want to.  It would have cut down hours and hours into an hour!  But there were a few thing mingled in that I did want.

So I skimmed even less because I didn’t want to bring many of the memories up, but part of me feels that maybe they got stirred up from out of my cells to be revisited one last time and then poof!  Gone forever or at least the memories will be a lot softer.  Even the good memories, the dates my husband and I would have with each of our kids and then we switched the following week, playing at the park for as long as my daughter wanted to stay (and that was always a long time lol– her eyes looking at me as she said “We can stay as long as I want to?” ending with a knowing smile that meant that we might be staying even longer than I was expecting), or pretending with my son that we were in The Spine from the book Eragon.  At first I didn’t remember that part.  But my heart and cells did.  Maybe a gratitude journal is the way for me to go.  That way it’s a simple block of gratitude and it’s emotions and a brief record of all the good things in my life.  Simple.  Compact.  Positive.  Light.  Up-lifting.  And then if I have other situations that I need to  process, I could write them down and then destroy them that day in order to process and clear things out immediately.

I know this is not for everybody.  Oprah still has her journals.  But for me this is my path. This is the way for me.  And maybe for you.  You could try it with just one piece of paper and see if it helps lighten your energy and spirit a little.  It’s very subtle.  But as I found out the reverberations of a clutter clear-out can last a few days.  So be gentle with yourself and with the others who come into your life.

One last note:  use feng shui.  I was listening to Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz on and she said all your books and papers should in the Learning/Knowledge area (which is the area to the far left closest to where you walk into your home.  So I rearranged my bookshelves–what a huge difference it has made in my life working with the natural energy of clutter and feng shui where things want to be.  Just try it temporarily and see if it makes any difference in your home.

Namaste and many many blessings to you!***

(12/16/2012)  Addendum:  I forgot to add that after I’ve finished clearing things out, I use the mantra “Hung vajra peh” (hoong vahj-rah pay) which I found in one of Thomas Ashley-Farrand’s mantra books.  He had a brief story where he had continuosly chanted this mantra for hours to space clear his garage after he cleared out all the junk.  According to Ashley-Farrand, “Hung vajra peh” is used to “see the Earth’s layer of consciousness being cleansed of negative energy” (all the destructive negative thought-forms that are “(c)irculating like blobs of oil within the ocean of consciousness, these bits of gunk need to be neutralized in some way.”


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