I was listening to kris carr (author of “crazy sexy cancer”)

I was listening to Kris Carr, author of the book “Crazy, Sexy, Cancer,” on www.hayhouseradio.com and she mentioned The Hippocrates Institute in Florida.  I’d heard of it a few years ago but checked out their website again.  It has A LOT of articles on a whole range of topics.  I was only looking briefly and will go back to find out more about it.  There was an article on Toxic Beauty and how our beauty products, creams, soaps, etc. aren’t regulated and are most likely adding more toxins to our bodies www.hippocratesinst.org/2012-06/toxic-beauty and another on caffeine allergy or mental illness www.hippocatesinst.org/2012-09/mental-illness-or-caffeine-allergy about caffeine and it’s effects, even from green tea, etc.


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