thou canst not stir a flower without troubling a star

All things by immortal power

Near or far


To each other linked are

That thou canst not stir a flower

Without troubling a star.

Francis Thompson


2 thoughts on “thou canst not stir a flower without troubling a star

  1. Yohnnilee says:

    “That thou canst not stir a flower

    Without troubling a star.”

    This phrase has come to me thrice now in three separate ways during the past three days even though, until now, I’d never heard that phrase, read the poem from which it comes or heard of the poet that wrote it.

    Now, God, The Universe, Angels -or whomever sends this message, most certainly has my attention.
    But what does it mean…?
    Just what is my message?

    • the lotus seed journals says:

      To me it just means that everything is connected in this vast universe, even things that don’t seem obviously connected. The line before “All things by immortal power” is “When to the new eyes of thee/ All things by immortal power/ Near or far/ Hiddenly/ To each other linked are/ That thou canst not stir a flower/ Without troubling of a star…” There’s more to the poem, but once you “see” the truth that God/Spirit/Creator/whatever you want to call Divine Energy, once you SEE the Divine in everything, you see how everything is connected and when one thing is disrupted, then something else is disrupted and then that throws off another thing, which leads to another and another. It could be compared to drawing– at the park one day with my drawing teacher I saw the tree I was supposed to draw, but I didn’t really SEE it–I didn’t see the shadow on half the tree trunk, the other side was light and dappled with specks/texture for bark. I saw the green leaves but I didn’t see their shapes or how and where they clumped together on the tree branches.

      There is also the “butterfly effect” where they say a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the earth and then a hurricane comes about on the opposite side because everything is connected. Or in the movie that’s out now, “The Amazing Spiderman,” Peter Parker is in a convenience store trying to buy a milk and he’s two cents short. The cashier behind the counter is rude to him and says it’s not his problem that Peter doesn’t have the extra two cents to pay for his milk and Peter starts to leave without his milk. The customer behind Peter, shoves something off the counter and the cashier leans down to pick it up and the customer takes the money out of the cash register as Peter watches. The robber throws the milk to Peter and runs out of the store with the money and with the cashier yelling, “Hey, stop that guy!” And Peter tells him, “It’s not my problem.” The robber goes running down the street and ends up shooting and killing Peter’s uncle who was out looking for Peter.

      “Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”– Chief Seattle

      If this is coming up for you, I would look at what situation you were thinking about when it came up–work, a love relationship, health, etc. and look at it again. Maybe there is something there that you are not seeing because you are too used to it that you are “blinded” to is because it is so familiar or you are stuck in how you are (mistakenly?) assuming a situation is. You could ask a specific question in the morning, like “What in my life (or work or health or relationship, etc) am I not seeing and then pay attention to signs from conversations you overhear, radio songs, tv commercials, magazine articles, etc. and see what comes up. Or what things are interconnected but you are not realizing that fact–like your health is declining and you hate your job–those very well could be connected and then you might want to start looking for a new job or at least add more time to a fun hobby to counteract the negativity from your job.

      I’m sure the answers will come to you– they are inside of you. If anything, choose things that make your heart a little lighter and happier and things will gently unfold for you.

      Namaste and many blessings on your path***

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