our search for love

(This is my Persian Buttercup/Ranunculus Rose) that I am waiting for the snow(!) to stop falling so that I can plant it.  Notice the heart in the middle of it from the angle from which I took the picture!)

I saw Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, a Sufi mystic, on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday last week and cannot stop thinking about his conversation with Oprah.  So in case you missed it, here are the notes I took.  (Yes, I am a nerd. ;0)

“Whoever walks towards

Him with his foot,

Until the beam of His love

Shines out to guide the soul

Since I  learnt that He longs

for me, longing for Him

never leaves me

for an instant.”

(from the book:  Sufism:  The Transformation of the Heart)

***The Beloved/God is in your own heart, closer to you than your own breath.

***God is Love and we are servant to One (God/Beloved) and in service to many (our fellow people of the world).

***This world is God’s world (so we need to take care of it as it does not belong to us).

***The zen koan that changed the life of Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee was:  “The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection.  The water has no mind to receive their image.”

The heart has to break open for the Sufi (it breaks the ego).  The Beloved is with those whose hearts are broken for His sake.  It’s not all about you/your ego.  Live in alignment with God asking How can I serve?

***Wheresoever you turn, there is the face of God (in everyone).

Vaughan-Lee talked about the Oneness and being intimate within the heart and dissolving into the Oneness with God/The Beloved within your own heart.  He said it is felt as Bliss, the nearest which he can compare is that of lovers meeting physically.

***There is so much love.  We are made of love.  There are oceans of love on the other side, waiting for us.  We must die before we die and feel that and know that.

***We must listen to how God wants us to reconnect to God within us, whether through music, painting, service, etc.; we have to listen and respect the voice of God within ourselves.

“He who expects to change the world will be disappointed, he must first change his view, when this is done, then tolerance will come, forgiveness will come, and there will be nothing he cannot bear.”–Hazrat Inayat Khan

and then a week later I came upon this quote in Vaughan-Lee’s book “Traveling the Path of Love”  –“When you think you have found Him, that very instant you have lost Him.  And when you think you have lost Him, then you have found Him.”–Abu Sa’id Abi-L-Khyr


6 thoughts on “our search for love

  1. Jeanne Volk says:

    Hi, Coray – I found your blog by searching for the quote about the wild geese that opened Llewellyn to his spiritual path. That Oprah show completely changed my life, and I have been listening to all of the talks and videos that are posted for free at http://www.goldensufi.org under Resources, plus several other sites. I don’t know if you know they are there and all free for the downloading. There is an incredible amount of spiritual material that he speaks about that relates to the Naqshbandiyya line of Sufis from India, which are also called the “silent Sufis” as their meditations are done in silence. I just thought I’d pass this information along to you in case you wanted to watch or listen to any of them. It all relates to everyday life, not just the Sufis, but I have learned so much that I just wanted to share it. Thanks for your wonderful blog, I am now going to start going through it little by little, but just wanted to drop in and say hello, and I printed your pages of notes from Super Soul Sunday – I do the same thing! Blessings. Jeanne Volk

    • the lotus seed journals says:

      Hi Jeanne,

      Thank you–it’s nice to hear someone else does the same thing 🙂 Yes, that show still reverberates in my heart, my soul, my breath. Life changing and life holding.

      I’m pretty sure I ended up on goldensufi when I googled Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee right after he was on with Oprah, but I did not listen to any talks or video so I will definitely be checking those out. Thank you!

      Namaste and many blessings***

      Cory (also sometimes known as “Coray” 😉

      • Jeanne Volk says:

        Cory – There are talks all the way from 1990 through present under Resources, Audio – AND if you go under Resources, Online Video, there is the entire Oprah Super Soul Sunday show in full! (plus many other videos, and there is a whole channel on YouTube that is devoted to his talks. That show changed my life and I listen to the talks or some portion of them daily (have downloaded them to either my iPod or to CD’s, and am slowly going through them., and have been doing the meditation practices. If you want, you can send your e-mail to me and I can kind of give you names of starter audios that are better for newer people who want to learn, or I can just give it to you through this site. There are also two audios of Mrs. Tweedie speaking, and I was able to download her instructions for the Dhyana meditation from one of the sites. I am so excited to hear someone else who is interested. He is having a three day conference in California starting I think October 29th, but it’s about a 10 hour flight for me from Miami, so I am going to wait till next year to try and go, plus I have so much to learn and practice that I want to really be ready.

      • the lotus seed journals says:

        Hi Jeanne,
        That would be great if you wanted to leave the other info you’re thinking about on this site and it can be posted as a resource for those (including me) who are interested!
        It’s wonderful that it’s been so life-changing for you and good luck going to the conference next year–that would be a fantastic experience!

  2. Jeanne Volk says:

    Sorry I misspelled your name, I didn’t proofread it close enough – if you choose to accept it, please put CORY!!!!

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