The Spiritual Rules of Engagement

In Yehuda Berg’s book, The Spiritual Rules of Engagement, he states, “When we are unable to recognize our Light, we feel empty.  It’s only the illusion of emptiness, but it feels like emptiness, nonetheless.  So  what do we do?  We crave something to fill this perceived vacuum.  And once we’ve found someone who we think is filling the hole inside, we worry incessantly that he or she will leave us and we will be left feeling that terrible emptiness all over again.  But the irony is that we were never empty to begin with….Rest assured, you will always have doubts because there is no perfect man out there, just as there is no perfect woman….Most importantly, by remembering that you are full of Light and perfectly complete without a man [or woman], you begin to see that there is no reason to fear being abandoned.  You couldn’t be abandoned if you tried:  God’s light will always be with you.  It’s up to you to acknowledge and accept this profound truth.  It’s a life-changer.”


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