crocheting projects

I must say that I don’t have nearly the amount of crocheting projects as I do for knitting.  My daughter likes crocheting better than knitting so I should probably find some cool, fun projects for her too.  I’m going to keep adding to my list of projects:

Juanita Top

Blossom Kimono

Beachcomber Tunic

Summer Petals Cardigan

Rosemary Sweater

Beach Cover-up/Cardigan

Moss Fern Wrap

Spice Market Tunic

Moorish Mosaic Afghan

Leaf Pepper Hat-the red teen earflap hat

Pink Lady Scarf

Orchard Mitts

Crocheted Swirling Bag

Blue Ridge Cardigan

Bluebell Cardigan

Petal Pullover

Cupcake Sweater

Chamomile Cardigan

***I did make:

Meagan Wants You hat for my daughter-it came out really cute


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