access consciousness

I just started gathering some information about a group called Access Consciousness ( that was reintroduced to me by my soul sister Leslie (we get the crazy, magical, metaphysical, “what if” sides to each other’s personalities).  I went to the Access Consciousness website and recognized one of the practitioner’s names ( who I had heard last year on and had really liked what she was saying and her overall bubbly energy.  So, I started reading a book by her and another by Dr. Dain Heer.    I would check them out and see if it resonates with you at all and if not check back a little later because things might change.  They also have some things posted on you tube.  Just see if it FEELS light to you, if it makes you FEEL  a little better–not if you *think* it’s true or not.  I’m not saying don’t be a skeptic, I’m saying to be open-minded and notice how your body feels when listening/reading/watching the information.


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