avoiding a cold

Note:  Let me state I am not a doctor or naturopath, so talk to yours before trying anything new and trying anything that may interact with medicines or herbs you are currently taking or other health conditions you may have.

For me I have found lately that when I feel the beginnings of an itchy throat or sinus gunk, what helps me is not eating very much during the day and when I do eat, I eat something simple like organic chicken, soup, green drink, etc.  I take candida clearing capsules 1 or 2 about 3 or 4 times a day, whatever intuitively feels right for me.  I take B vitamins, airborne, vitamin C.  I drink echinancea and pau d’arco tea (1-3 times depending on how I feel).  I do Bikram (hot) yoga or a hot bath or shower (there is something about heating up the body that is healing).  Sometimes I rest.  In that stillness, whether 5 minutes or 30, I consciously remember and FEEL for a second what it feels like to be healthy (for example, if I felt fine the night before, I remember that feeling and run a scene in my head from the night before of me feeling fine and I feel a brief shift or movement in my stillness. I try to take in the messages that my body is speaking loudly to me (because I already missed the whispers) and listen before it starts screaming at me.  It may feel indulgent to take care of myself now and be mindful, but the other choice is to keep going the way I’m going, not paying any attention, and wind up sick, feeling miserable, and not getting anything done.  Been there,, done, that, don’t like it.

What’s the first thing to go when I get busy– exercise.  Next thing to go is meditation followed by healthy eating and then sleep.  So, now I try to be mindful about that–especially with the holidays or travel.  I try to exercise a little shorter but do it (but of course that doesn’t always work out, like this morning for instance!)  It’s already started for this holiday season; yes I may be doomed!  There is a quote that says meditate for 20 minutes and if you are too busy then meditate for an hour.  So, if my priorities are out of line and my energy is spinning out of control, I’m sitting for an hour.  Hmm…sitting and fidgeting for 20 minutes or an hour, I choose 20 minutes.   Meditation often makes me fell reconnected with spirit and reminds me that everything is just as it should be and that I’m in exactly the right place at all times.  It helps everything feel smoother and that I am walking in grace.  And sometimes it just doesn’t.  Those days I just put in my time and show up.  And hopefully by paying attention and listening to may body, I can avoid a cold (and keep a (mostly) positive attitude).


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