I just watched “Visionaries” on Oprah’s network OWN.  I didn’t write down any quotes or anything, but I do want to remember a few ideas now.  James Cameron (the director of Avatar and Titanic) said that many years ago he had a dream that had this forest with fiber optic trees and he ended up putting that in his movie “Avatar.”  Cameron also woke up from another dream in which he was looking through all these paintings and thought “I wish I could paint like that” and then he thought I just did paint that in my dreams and he got busy trying to recreate as many of the paintings as possible.  (The book “Twilight” also came from a dream.  The chapter with the meadow scene was the dream author Stephenie Meyer wrote down and couldn’t stop thinking about.  She wondered about these characters in her dream and wanted to know more about them and started writing to find out.)

Tyler Perry, creator of many movies including the Madea movies, just started writing things down about his life when he heard Oprah say that writing things down was cathartic but changed the names of everyone in case they found his papers.  Now Perry sits down and can just write and write and he knows when he’s connected and it will be good.  (Julia Cameron has a fantastic and inspiring book called “The Artist’s Way” in which she talks about morning pages.  Morning pages are where you write three pages every morning and that gets the creative flow going–you don’t edit.  It’s messy and you just do it every morning whether you are inspired or not.  You don’t wait for inspiration; you get into the habit, the ritual of it and just do it.)

Will.I.Am musician and in the band The Black Eyed Peas writes music he loves and knows when other people will love it.  Will.I.Am made a comment that he writes music to keep his very active and distracted brain focused on something positive otherwise he would be in trouble or something to that effect.

Just think if we all were using our creative gifts and positively expressing them–we would all be happier and could create a happier, more magical world!


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