sending free energy prayers

I am going to be sending free energy prayers.  If you would like to be included or would like someone to be included maybe try to put their first name and last initial and city/state or just state if it’s a small city.  Whatever you feel comfortable with.  You don’t even have to write that down and just intend to connect with the energy prayers and we’ll see what happens.  I’ve never done this before.

Energy prayers for me feel very supportive, not necessary life-changing but they can be.  Everyone has their own chart, their own life to live, their own life lessons to learn, so I see energy prayers as just giving a little extra support and sanding off the rough edges to make things flow more smoothly and hopefully a little more gracefully.  But of course there are many factors involved–your free will (to change your diet, to go to a doctor’s appointment or not, etc.), other people’s free will, other external circumstances, the greatest good of all involved, etc.

***Update:  Energy prayers ended 01/11/2012.  I wish the best for you all!***


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