why you are not supposed to know

If I knew what was going to happen in my life and how everything would turn out I would be bored and probably wouldn’t pay close attention to anything that was going on.  And if I knew what was going to happen it would change what I did, how I did it, and my intention and focus in my life would change, maybe resulting in not bringing those things to me.  When I was a child, my sister and I snuck over to our Christmas presents one year and oh so carefully unwrapped an edge of the most unusually shaped presents.  Mine was an umbrella.  Knowing what some of the presents were ahead of time definitely shifted my Christmas morning experience, even if it was just a little shift.  Guess which presents were opened last.  And that just sent out a small ripple of a different outcome possibility.  Imagine if it was regarding a job/career change, a move, a relationship, an illness, traveling.  I would have to try extra hard to put my whole self into my current situation and not just stop and wait for the other new situation to come into my life.


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