follow the glowing energy

For a while I had wanted the things I loved in my home to glow with wonderful energy so I would know without a doubt that these were things I wanted or needed to keep and the other things (also known as clutter) would remain dull and lifeless so that I could easily decide and quickly get rid of them.  Then I saw the tv show “Medium” where Allison went through a store in a trance picking out the glowing items–that’s what I wanted!  Not quite exactly the way she did it, but my way.  I realize I have free will which is a beautiful thing and I get to often choose what I have around me, but I was feeling muddled and confused.  I wanted something easy, definite, quick so I could live in a home that was beautiful, clean, functional, organized, nurturing.  It didn’t take me long to realize, I have that gift of “sight” (insight/inside).  I think we all do.  It’s just that maybe we don’t specifically SEE it, but more likely FEEL it, at least that’s the way it is for me.  And what do I do next–discount the feeling of course, because it’s not tangible– I can’t see it or hear it and a feeling is just a feeling, right?  Wrong.  Feelings/gut instinct/that sinking feeling/that elated joyful feeling are how we are supposed to live our lives.  They give us important pertinent information about how we are living and thriving (or not thriving) in our lives.  I’ve gone through my books and clothes this way (by the feelings they gave me–ugh! or yes!) and I found it’s easy for the definite “no’s” to be picked out and discarded but the not quite so definite “no’s” get muddled up when my brain gets involved and talks me into keeping something.  So, what would happen if I continued to get rid of the definite “no’s” and pass those on to others who would enjoy them and if I boxed up the weak “no’s” that were not a definite “yes” and put them somewhere else temporarily?  In feng shui I’ve read that everything has energy so would those energetic cords connecting this clutter to me weaken making it easier to get rid of?  I am sort of thinking that if they have made it into the “maybe no” pile, that’s still a “no” and should be discarded along with the definite “no” pile.  How freeing would that be?!  And what would I have left in my definite “yes” pile?  Freedom.  Easier to clean.  Space.  Quiet.  Room for more candles.  A sanctuary.  And how would that make me feel?  Calm.  Clear.  Relaxed.  Joyful. Powerful.  As Denise Linn affirms, “Where intention goes, energy flows.”  Hmmm…feels good!


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