If we heal and honor ourselves, we can heal our relationships which in turn heal our families and keep them intact which inevitably heals our country and our world.  I know many people right now who are at a crossroads in their intimate relationships–I think it’s even astrological, energy-wise.  The past couple years have come to this:  you either get your relationship issues cleared up and out or they will be cleared out for you.  I know of and have heard of quite a few people divorcing in the past year or so and they have all been initiated by the woman; all for different reasons.  Maybe they felt that their true beauty, sweetness, amazing goddess-ness was not being relished and appreciated and their “undisclosed desires” in their hearts were not being satisfied, seen, acknowledged, or embraced.  There is a merging of the masculine and the feminine swirling around us at this time, maybe Muse can help.

Listen to Muse’s song “Undisclosed Desires.”  Maybe some of the phrases will speak to you.  “I know you’ve suffered, but I don’t want you to hide…I won’t let you be denied….Trust me you can be sure…I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart…Please me…Show me how it’s done….Trust me you are the one…”

Yes, I say yes to that!  And you can find me way back here behind the maze of veils and walls of protection holding a shield and a dagger but trust me my heart is wide open…yet I’m not quite sure how to show you how it’s done or even what exactly the “undisclosed desires in my heart”  are but I definitely know I’ll recognize them when I see them.  Perhaps it’s more of a feeling and that’s why the desires remain undisclosed in the heart.  We want our significant other to get through the relationship trials, tribulations, and obstacles and get to our very core and have the honor of drinking the very essence of our sacred being goddess heart/soul/one-mind/heal the world powerfulness that would shift things and quite possibly crack the foundation upon which we stand.

The time is now.  I don’t want to come to the end of my life and regret that I did not love enough.  Things are shifting and changing.  Change is good.  Stagnation brings illness (think mucky murky stagnant water).  And what if we listen to Caroline Myss who says, “Realize you are not leaving the familiar, the familiar is leaving you.”


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