quick feng shui cleaning up and clearing out with affirmations

Having your space clean and organized is a basic tenet of feng shui.  (I am a dabbler in feng shui.)   Clean out and clear out under your bathroom sink using using your own affirmation or Louise Hay’s affirmation “I am healthy, whole, and complete”.  Don’t just move things around, get rid of things that you have not used (you know those things you move in order to get to the things you actually use).  Everything in your space takes up a fragment of your attention, and those little bottles can add up.

Even if you don’t believe you have chakras (energy centers) in the bottom of your feet, you and your feet can tell if the floor is clean.  You know what a dirty floor looks and feels like, gross.  Don’t you deserve a clean floor?  Of course!  So vacuum, sweep, and mop your floors today while saying as affirmation of your choosing.  Or use Louise Hay’s “I deserve the best, and I accept the best, now.”

If you take care of your things, health, and space that you have now in the present moment, the universe will bring more to you.  With gratitude and appreciation, you demonstrate that you are capable and ready.  If you put up feng shui cures without cleaning up and clearing out, you could be bringing in more clutter to you.


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