quick feng shui clearing and cleaning for health and wealth

Kitchens represent wealth.  So today I am just going to clean out the fridge of old leftovers and wipe and dry the shelves.  If I set my intention and use an affirmation, the process seems to be transformative.  Make up your own affirmation or use Denise Linn’s “I am clearing all that I do not need out of my life.  I am clearing away blockages, and abundance is flowing to me.”
Bathrooms represent health.  So for today I’m just going to clean the toilet, wipe the sink, and clear out one drawer.  Use your own affirmation or Linn’s “I am safe and centered no matter where I am.  I am clearing out all that I do not need out of my life.  Fresh, invigorating energy [and health] fills my life.”  Or use Louise Hay’s “I accept and deserve perfect health now.”   There, now we’ve set your intention and sent it out into the universe.  We started the energy moving.  Pay attention to what comes to you no matter how seemingly small and insignificant.


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