gluten as a possible cause of arthritis

I was wondering if people would think I was crazy because I was wondering if all the wheat pasta, cake, etc. I’d been eating was causing my fingers to feel sore, stiff, and achey like they had arthritis.  I stopped eating wheat  for a few days and the pain went away–coincidence maybe?  So I googled it and ended up at and read the “I met a nice man” story which tells of LJW’s story of what he did to get healthier (i.e. eating a mostly Paleo diet, etc.) and heal his body from malaise.

Update:   5/26/2011

I am beginning to believe in systemic candida yeast (throughout the whole body) as a possible cause of my body aches (I had years ago) and the wheat, dairy, sugar, corn, etc. as being inflammatory substances and feeding the candida resulting in internal inflammation, arthritic-like pain, and all-over body aching.  Years ago, when my body hurt for two years and I had tried everything, a course in candida yeast clearing herb capsules is what seemed to help me.   There is a show on with Caroline Sutherland who is a medical intuitive where she talks a lot about the problems caused by candida yeast overgrowth.

Addendum 7/21/2011

My optometrist told me today that his wife cured her arthritis by removing wheat, dairy, and sugar from her diet.  (Hmmm!!!)


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