astrology in March 2011 and full moon on 3/18/2011 clearing out the old in order to make space for the new and desired

From what I’ve read and heard through various sources these first few months of this new year 2011 is about finishing up all of our old projects that are still meaningful to us, discarding those projects that are no longer meaningful to us, and getting really clear about our priorities, what is important to us now, and setting our intention for what we want to bring into our lives.  Tradtionally, the new moon is the time for clearing out and then with the full moon (which is right now 03/19/2011) a candle can be lit and dreams and intention can be set for what new opportunities you want to welcome into your life.

Check out astrologer Frank Don’s March 2011 post on his website ( for more insight and inspiration.  He talks about clearing out the past without judgment, acknowledging it but with detachment.  He uses the image of standing underneath a waterfall and letting the drops of the past just fall off of you and that “(m)aintaining detachment allows for the cleanse, the release, the letting go.”  Don writes, “These are exciting times and this March highlights the importance of getting rid of the old in order to engage the new.”


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