clearing clutter

*The following are excerpts from  “Clear Your Clutter With Feng shui” by Karen Kingston

clutter postpones decisions

80% of what we keep we never use (clothes, paper files,etc.)

The clutter test:

1.  Does it lift my energy when I think about it or look at it?  (Trust the FEELING in your body)

2.  Do I absolutely love it (Does it really inspire me or is it just “nice”?  Does it have sad associations with it?)

3.  Is it genuinely useful?  When did I last use it?

Clutter clearing is about letting go and TRUSTING the process of life to bring you what you need when you need it.  Anything you are keeping “just in case,” you are keeping through fear.  Affirm “It’s safe to let go.”.

Go around your home and ask each object what it is this saying symbolically?  How is this affecting me energetically?  Is it creating the effect I want or could I do better?

Even if you regret throwing something out, you can trust that for some reason your Higher Self led you to make that decision….Every choice you make is a right choice.  What is really important is not the choice but the reason why you make it.  Any choice made from fear is a disempowering choice.

An ordered home means an ordered mind.

Your  body is the temporary temple of your soul.  What you keep around you in the extended temple of your home needs to change with you as you change and grow, so it reflects who you are.

As you release the things you no longer love or use, you call back to yourself the parts of your spirit that have been attached to them and attached to the emotional needs and memories associated with those objects.  You bring yourself into present time-powerful. [It is only in the present time that you can accomplish anything, heal, act, change, be, love,…otherwise you are just thinking or dreaming about it]  Your energy becomes more centered and focused.

*The following are excerpts from “Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston

Realize that everything you own has a hold on your attention.  The more clutter you have, the more your energy is tied up in mundane matters.  Clear out your clutter to leave yourself free to really make a difference in the world.

*The following are excerpts from “Soul Coaching” by Denise Linn

Keeping clutter because you might need it one day is a negative affirmation.

Linn calls clutter clearing “modern day alchemy.” [I have to attest that I took out one piece of clothing from my closet and held it and felt who I was and said out loud (no one was home) “This represents _____ to me.  My intention is pure and I let it go and I don’t want to deal with this anymore.  I’m done,”  not emotionally upset or angry or sad–just done,  and within an hour something had  shifted.]

*The following are excerpts from “Sacred Space” by Denise Linn:

The “I” in the following quote is referring to Denise Linn.

“I explained to him that our homes are symbolic representations of ourselves, and in fact in a deeper sense are extensions of ourselves.  I talked about our homes being templates for us. Change the template and it can affect our energy.  I explained that cleaning his drawers was changing his template.  As he was getting rid of things that he didn’t need in his drawers he was participating in a symbolic act of releasing everything he didn’t need in his life.  There is great power in symbolic acts.  Releasing garbage from his drawers affected a corresponding release of emotional garbage from his life.”  [He wasn’t depressed anymore after clearing out his drawers and taking control of them (and symbolically his life), and had that energy and movement in his life and the focus and intention of what he wanted in his life.]

Where intention goes, energy flows.

Form follows intention.

In every moment the universe is whispering messages to you.  These messages come in your dreams, from the situations you are involved in, and from the powerful symbolism that surrounds you in your home.

*The following are excerpts from “When Organizing Isn’t Enough” by Julie Morgenstern

A man was traveling and came upon a river too deep and too wide to cross, so he built himself a raft and proceeded to cross the river.  After he crossed the river, he lifted up the raft and carried it for the rest of his life because it was such a nice, well-made raft, in case he ever came across another river to cross.  He didn’t. 

Clutter represents an old belief system–someone we wanted to be, tangible evidence  [the artist, the crafty one, the one who went to college and has all the old school papers to prove it]

*The following are excerpts from “It’s All Too Much” by Peter Walsh

Stuff represents who you wanted to be and/or what you wanted to do  [golf (which you actually really hate if you think about it), canoes (what do you mean you’re scared of the water?), etc.]

Find out what emptiness is inside there–the piles and stuff are filling emptiness inside you.  Ask yourself when were the piles not there  [before the empty nest, a death in the family]

Pick out the treasures–the treasures have to be 100%  positive with not a tidbit of negative energy.  What do you take when there’s a fire?

What is your theme–how do you want your house to feel and how will it function/what do you do in this room?

By passing things on you free up space in your brain and your home.


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