one of my favorite quotes

“I am exactly where I need to be.”

(many new inspirational thinkers have said or alluded to this)  I say this to myself whenever I’m running late (and then I try to leave earlier next time) and figure if I was supposed to be where I was running late to, I would already be there.  But, I’m not and I start to pay attention to the people I meet along my “late” way because the universe orchestrated us to be together energetically in this pattern for some reason (and I feel the tesion drain out of my body).  And usually wherever I’m going is running a little late as well.  If this “being-ness” is regarding a job, home, relationship, etc. perhaps there is still a lesson to be learned or lived or a person to meet or a need to wait for Divine timing to shift things around so it’s time to be patient or look at things another way that you hadn’t thought of before.  Maybe the guy you’re waiting for is moving into town next year; maybe you decide on a completely different area to move to that you wouldn’t have thought of if you had sold your house last year and would had moved to the “wrong” area and then had to spend the money and have the stress of moving a second time in a short duration of time.  Life is like the game of “Life.”  Aww bummer, you landed on “Invest in Broadway Play–Pay $15,000”  Oh cool, you landed on “Win Nobel Peace Prize–Collect $100,000.”  And your emotions go up and down and up and down, now this happened and you’re happy, now this happened and you’re mad.  Aren’t you tired?  I guess that’s where Buddhism, new agey-ness and mindfulness come in–oh this happened isn’t that interesting; do I need to do anything about it, no, yes, maybe and how am I going to do it angrily, victim-like, strong and quiet or depending on the circumstances you decide you don’t need to do anything and let the situation roll off you like water off a duck’s back and don’t think about it again unless it’s to see what went “wrong” and where you could make different choices the next time.  If the memory that makes you angry or sad comes up again think of a pleasant memory, get into nature for a walk, or get a sip of water–change your brain (and no the world is not out to get you).  Namaste and many blessings***


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