the golden seeds: by cory

Inside you

deep inside

I find the golden seed

crusted over

sweep it off

and bring it back to you

Plant it!  Plant it!

they yell

those that belong

to you

You hold it

gently in your hand

and feel the passion,

truth, knowledge, authentic

you gasp

So you plant your golden seed

watered with the dreams of your heart

and watch it grow

tall and wide

each dream hanging on a vine



from authentic You

authentic Truth

the you you’ve always been

but lay forgotten

and crusted over

with external and internal lies

withholding your soul’s energy

from growth and joy

hanging on to a life

you’ve long outgrown

and with this wish of yester-year

will take that love

and move way out there

with love and joy in your heart

to begin again

different, apart

yet better and stronger

holding onto your needs

while gently tending to

your now many golden seeds.


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