if you knew…by cory

if you knew

it would be the last time

would you feel differently

than you did?

would you sense it

hear it, see it, smell it

feel it, taste it


more intensely

lopsided maybe

seeing more not sensing more

feeling more not smelling more

colors, perhaps

the greenness

green and brown surrounding

the soft earthy damp-warm air

touching the hairs on your skin


feeling your heart thumping

trying to realize breathing, air, quickness


your lungs

feet pounding on mossy paths

leading you’re not quite sure where

then seeing fades

and it all becomes green

splashed with brown patches, trunks, branches, earth-mud


dog tags jangling

dog breath panting

birds chirping, singing, pecking, laughing…

the magical buzz, flitting

insect song-singing,

slithering, flipping, turning–wings snapping

in the sparkly air

voices laughing, connecting, inviting, wondering

thoughts and words entangled in

the mossy green-brown sing-song


with dog tags tangling

bird breath chirping

insects panting

feet snapping

in the space of afterward that remained…

would you see it, sense it, feel it hear it, taste it


if, at the time,

you knew

it would be the last?


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